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Become a Trustee

Trustees are volunteers and their role is:

  • Helping to formulate a strategy and provide clear direction
  • Helping to ensure good governance and financial stability
  • Helping to ensure objectives are achieved
  • Helping to support the Operations Manager (who runs the organisation on a day to day basis)

Trustees are requested to attend a 2 hour meeting every three months and volunteer at least twice a year to support and represent the Charity (or they may like to volunteer for the Charity on a monthly basis, for example; volunteering at regular activity or doing monthly accounts).   

Additional activities could include taking the lead on a specific project raised at a Committee meeting, or providing support to the Operations Manager, e.g. helping write policies and procedures; assisting at social and fundraising events; helping at interviews if recruiting staff.

Trustees have additional legal and financial responsibilities, primarily ensuring that the charity is solvent, well run, complying with the law and delivering on its objectives in accordance with its governing document.  Trustees are appointed for a fixed term of 3 years at a time.

If you are interested in joining our Committee and becoming a Trustee please get in touch with Jayne via email to